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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OneTipADay - What Will You Learn Today?

OneTipADay - What Will You Learn Today?

Common Blogging Mistakes

Posted: 02 Apr 2012 06:10 AM PDT

Posted on One Tip A Day - What Will You Learn Today?

This is a guest post by Laura. If you want to guest post on this site, then please read our guidelines here.

Your blog is only one blog out of hundreds of millions of other blogs available on the Internet, which means if you're trying to gain readership and make money you have to stand out above the crowd. Little mistakes can end up affecting you in a big way if you aren't careful. Take care to avoid these common blogging pitfalls:

1. Writing wordy posts

It is a rare day that someone is going to sit down and read your entire post verbatim. It's just not going to happen. Instead, people are going to scan through posts to hit the highlights of what the post has to offer. So make your blog posts concise and to the point, and skip being overly wordy. Writing posts with bullet points or numbered points is the best way to impart information to your readers.

 2. Publishing sporadic blog posts

You don't have to fall into the category of bloggers that publish every day, but you should have some sort of consistency to your blogging schedule. Maybe it's blogging three times a week, maybe it's blogging one really great post once a month – whatever the case, your readers should be able to know when they can expect a post from you, otherwise you'll never gain a consistent readership.

3. Blogging to just to get new content up

On the other side of publishing consistently, you also can't just write a post to get something new up on your website, you have to publish something of quality. Hastily written blog posts usually translate to poorly written blog posts. Your readers read your blog because they gain something from each post, and to have a successful blog you have to continue to offer them something each time they read.

4. Disregarding social media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to market your blog, so you are doing yourself and your blog a disservice by not being involved in the major social media players. Very rarely will content promote itself, especially when you consider how vast and varied the content available on the internet is, so harness the power of social media to leverage your blog posts for you.

5. Focusing too heavily on ads

Your readers probably not only know that you use advertising, but expect it to some degree. However you can't go crazy with advertising and not anticipate that it's going to become annoying to your readers. Readers want to think that you blog for the pure joy of blogging, that you blog for them. They don't want to think that you're making a profit off of them, so keep the advertising classy and not too flashy.

 6. Publishing without proof-reading

Every good writer knows that an article isn't finished until it has been proofed and edited. A blog is no different. You'll come across as sloppy and careless if you don't take ten minutes to proof-read your work before you publish it.

Blogging requires a certain amount of finesse and writing savvy. Don't get lost in the shuffle because of mindless mistakes.

 ABOUT AUTHOR: This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet providers in my area.  You can reach her at:



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