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Friday, May 13, 2011

OneTipADay - What Will You Learn Today?

OneTipADay - What Will You Learn Today?

How to Find Anything Online

Posted: 13 May 2011 05:20 AM PDT

As Internet providers offer less expensive services and reliable computing systems have become widely available, consumers are choosing to do more of their shopping online. By shipping online, customers can avoid long lines, unavailable products, and high prices by using Internet for comparative shopping capabilities, while enjoying the convenience of the service. The ability to find deals can save consumers hundreds of dollars, and the same tools for finding deals can be used by those who are merely researching for school, work or business, as well.

Researching is a necessary skill to navigate the many possibilities of the Internet. Here are some resources for researching products, services, and general information online.


This site is a great place to start for initial information and search leads. Since the web site is user generate content, there is bound to be some inaccuracies, but this should be fine since this is only a jumping off point for research. Within your search check the references and related sources, which may lead you to more relevant information. The related sources usually include outside links, which can lead to more reliable research information.

Search Engines

These resources can be a great place for many research options at once. The options are ranked by most relevant source associated with the keyword searched. The perk of search engines is that most now offer a shopping tab, which lists along with the relevant, ranked sources. For example, electronic cigarettes can be used as the keyword, and any site with these words separately or together will be listed in the ranked web sites. The shopping tab will also list the different places that sell them and list the price from low to high. This tool is especially helpful for shoppers.


Web sites that combine many forms of media, such as Youtube or Vimeo, can be very helpful for different types of researchers. Content with explanation as well as videos can be useful for finding out how something works, demonstrations of tasks, or exploration of culture. Make sure to verify any information, since most of these sites are user generated.

There are many resources available online to help anyone find the item or content they need, and most of these resources are free, which is especially useful for extensive research. There are literally thousands of web pages, so a researcher should always look at a few other sources to compare their research. Use specific keywords to make the most of the vast information on the web.

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