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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is Google Wave?

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave is a web application that lets you actively communicate & collaborate with other people. Google Wave enables user's to:

One of the basic feature sets in gWave is what they call "extensions". Extension peform a lot like plug-ins do for a Word Press blog. Google has a serious video vault containing useful "how to" tutorials on each aspect of the gWave platform. The gWave Forum is as well as a great resource for getting up to speed on this evolving platform.

* have conversations (instant messaging)
* share photos & files
* work with others on documents & files
* chat in realtime
* organize your information
* post to blogs
* as well as a lot more

What information does Google collect & how is this information used?

When you use Google Wave, Google collects info about:

* your account activity
* your interaction with user interface elements & links
* your IP address & other log information.

I will curious to see if OpenID or another open ID authentication service provider finds its way onto the Google Wave platform to further enhance the privacy & security of a gWave participant () if gWave finds itself serving the Healthcare PHR | EHR space, which seems highly likely, given the momentum of the Google Health platform.

Can someone else see your information in a Wave?

As a participant on a Wave, your gWave address, the name associated with that address, & other info that you opted to share with others is visible to all participants of that wave. If you select a picture (avatar) for your account, this will be visible to other Google Wave users.

As of November 1, 2009, Google has no designs to include commercials, but they might consider doing so in the future. If they do pick to include commercials, they say they won't share your personal information with an advertiser without your consent, & they will update this privacy FAQ with the alter.

Will Waves contain Commercials?

You can add more people to a Wave by in two simple steps:

How do you add more participants to a wave?

Since not lots of people have a Google Wave account yet, I have found it not as hard to basically send my friends, fans & business associates an email (by gmail) a fast note so they are already in my contact list. If someone already has a gWave account, then you basically select them from the left panel, by the Contact section.

1. Open the Wave to which you'd like to add more participants.
2. At the top of the wave, click (+) to select the participant(s) you'd like to include.
3. Select from your contacts list the participants you'd like to add to the wave.

How & where can someone receive a Google Wave invitation?

Google Wave is in beta testing phase, so its by invitation only to become a Google Wave user (aka) gWaver

Another option would be to visit the gWave Forum. After you read the TOS, basically engage the forum members with pithy & relevant content & someone should be over willing to take care of this for you.

There's a number ways to do this. I basically visited the gWave site, provided my Google creds & filled out a simple form. Two weeks later, I got an invitation from Google & have been digging it ever since.

If you are an Web Marketer, you probably already know about the Warrior Forum. If not, you should check it out. It is by far one of the most useful sites on the .Net to get the latest news, info, trends & "how to" stuff I have come across. There's a handful of active threads bantering about this issue, since a bunch of us think gWave is going to be a smash hit.



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